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Founded by the milliner, C. Wong in Hong Kong. Adoring the elegance of millinery ladies hat, Wong starts learning and making different kinds of hats for women in the 2018. 

My Millinery Mine is C. Wong's first millinery online hat store which provides beautiful women headpieces that ranged from cocktail hats, fascinators, bridal hats, pillbox hats to halo crowns and headbands for women to adorn and wear to special occasions, events, and parties. They are not only suitable for celebrities performers, and KOLs, but are suitable for all women who love to dress in such a way to radiate its elegance and femininity.

Our millinery hats and head wears are handmade and designed by C. Wong who had entered into the renowned international millinery hat competition- Lillian Frank AM MBE Millinery Award 2023, Melbourne as one (out of 30) of the finalists. Adoring the elegance of ladies hat, Wong wishes that by bringing more handmade headwears to the local niche market, millinery hats could become increasingly popular in the Hong Kong and Chinese markets.


C. Wong@My Millinery Mine

The right hat can make you look confident, elegant and unique and therefore, you don’t need an excuse or even wait for a special occasion to wear a pretty hat.

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